Vikoda Soda – The primary natural soda water in Vietnam

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Launched in late January 2020, Soda is the following label to the merge the list of products branded Vikoda – natural mineral water brand owning the 30-year history of establishment and development in Vietnam.

Placed in service to the market in 1990, the brand Danh Thanh – Vikoda natural mineral water belongs to Khanh Hoa Mineral Water JSC has made a mark upon customers’ mind, becoming well-known to all families. Carrying the desire to build new product lines from natural mineral water, so as to meet the diverse consumers demands, yet still be nutritious and healthy, Vikoda has researched then launched the product lines Soda – the first unique Vietnamese soda brand.

Soda is originally a type of sparkling beverage, with the main ingredient is non-alcoholic water and sodium carbonate salt. This is a long-standing drink, which is still used by people from the 17th century to the present day. According to health experts, soda also has the ability to support the digestive system and body’s gallbladder, helpful to improve the digestive system, reduces high constipation rates, skin beatifying and anti-aging.

Distinct from other soda products in the market, Vikoda Soda is the first soda product line in Vietnam produced from 100% natural alkaline mineral water, canned at the rare mineral source – Thanh Danh. Owning self-contained and up-to-date production technology, Vikoda Soda not only brings about a refreshing and cool feeling, but also contains high refreshing value, but also contains lots of essential natural minerals such as Ca, Mg, K , Na … helps increase resistance, good for people’s health. Apart from drinking directly, Vikoda Soda can also be mixed with many other products such as fruit, syrup, ice cream or milk, … to prepair many different flavors and drinks, making appealing soda drinks with lots of flavor.

In these times, people tend to be keen on refreshing yet still nutritious and healthy drinks. As the forthcoming brand name to join the list of products branded Vikoda – Danh Thạnh, developed by a youthful, valid, characteristic, dynamic, confident, captivated by exploring new things, artistic such professional bartenders, Vikoda Soda promises to help Khanh Hoa Mineral Water JSC to expand distribution channels and customer groups, contributing to strengthening and improving the brand identity of Danh Thanh – Vikoda, natural mineral water brand with 30 years of history of formation and development in Vietnam.Having a dedicated team with serious investment in both image and product quality, Vikoda Soda as well as other products pledge to obtain many opportunities to create a breakthrough, taking control of Vietnam market, implementing the mission of bringing Vietnam’s great natural mineral water to the world as a strategy that FIT Group – the parent company has oriented.

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