Why is Vikoda natural alkaline mineral water appreciated in the bottled water industry in Vietnam?

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In the context of an extremely vibrant and competitive domestic bottled water market, Vikoda natural alkaline mineral water brand is still outstanding thanks to its commitment to bottling directly at rare and precious alkaline mineral sources in Vietnam.

Bottled water market & consumer trends

Bottled water in the market can be classified into 3 large groups: Purified water, natural mineral water and alkaline mineral water. Alkaline mineral water is divided into artificial alkaline water and natural alkaline mineral water

Pure water is water that is free from impurities, bacteria and viruses. Purified water is filtered from tap water, groundwater, well water through a specialized filtration system to remove harmful impurities. Natural mineral water is extracted from groundwater, flowing through geological layers which contains certain elements, natural gases or mineral compounds in higher concentrations than normal water.

Water is alkaline as the content of natural alkaline minerals are included in the composition of the water. The artificial alkaline mineral water is created by electrolysis technology, creating alkalinity for water by splitting water molecules into H+ and OH- ions.

Natural alkaline mineral water is created by the process of underground water osmosis through natural fractured geological layers of the earth’s crust, thereby accumulating minerals to create natural alkalinity for water without any human intervention. It is the reason why countries or localities with alkaline mineral underground streams shall certainly have a lot of advantages to exploit this precious gift from nature.

pH on a 0-14 scale is used to measure the alkalinity of water, specifically the higher the pH and the higher the alkalinity, the lower the acidity. Natural alkaline mineral water has an average pH of 7.5 to 8.5. For liquids in the human body, pH is one of the scales to assess the health situation. The body’s pH in the range of 7.3 and 7.4 will benefit cells to normally work.

According to Boldsky (USA), the acid concentration in the body is too high, resulting in the bad sleep, skin problems, tiredness, weak bones, muscles tending to shrink and cause muscle pain, etc The stomach is an organ which contains a lot of acid in the body, easily causing an acid excess. Excess stomach acid can lead to stomach pain, ulcers, stomach bleeding, etc. That’s why natural alkaline mineral water contributes to bringing the body back into balance state.

After the pandemic, with awareness of the importance of health, consumers are increasingly careful and selective in food and drinks. One of the healthiest drinks of great attention today is natural alkaline mineral water. For this reason, many world-famous mineral water products from Japan, France, etc. are being sold at very high prices, but still sought after by many consumers.

Vikoda – possesses distinctive advantages from the ideal alkaline mineral source

The findings from 1977 to 1999 have shown that Danh Thanh mineral source in Khanh Hoa, Vietnam is a natural water source with perfect natural alkaline minerals, light mineral concentration and pH = 9.0, which is suitable to drink for daily health supplement. In addition, the study affirmed that Danh Thanh alkaline mineral source belongs to the type of international standard silicon trace mineral, with the composition equal to the world-famous mineral sources. Such mineral source is located 220m deep at the foot of Hon Chuong mountain in the Truong Son range.

Vikoda natural alkaline mineral water is exploited from the Danh Thanh alkaline mineral source, then put directly into the extraction plant and only goes through the coarse filtration and sterilization by ultraviolet light (UV), therefore, Vikoda is committed to bringing consumers an original and valuable gift from nature.

The product has a sweet and fresh taste and perfect alkalinity pH = 9.0. It is 100% natural and contains minerals to neutralize excess stomach acid, bringing the body back to a natural healthy balance. Daily product use is very good for health.

Established in 1990, Khanh Hoa Mineral Water Joint Stock Company under F.I.T Group is a Vietnamese unit that exploits Danh Thanh mineral water mine under the license of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the Ministry of Health. With precious natural mineral water source, the company has launched on the market a series of healthy beverage and beverage products, led by the brand of Vikoda natural alkaline mineral water

Vikoda Natural Alkaline Mineral Water so far has been present at restaurants, high-class hotels, large supermarket chains (Big C, Lotte, Saigon Co.op, Bach Hoa Xanh, Emart, etc), chains of convenience stores (Circle K, GS25, Family Mart, etc), water agents, grocery stores across the country and accordingly, the export market development is orientated.


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 Contacts to buy the product:

+ Hotline: 1900.986.886

+ Directly buy at supermarkets, convenience stores or grocery stores across the country.

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Vikoda – 34 năm kỷ niệm Hành trình Ngọc trong đá

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Vikoda góp phần quảng bá du lịch, ẩm thực tỉnh Ninh Thuận

Từ ngày 26/12/2023 đến ngày 31/12/2023, thương hiệu nước khoáng kiềm thiên nhiên Vikoda của Công ty CP Nước khoáng Khánh Hòa đã đồng hành cùng UBND tỉnh Ninh Thuận tổ chức thành công Lễ hội Ẩm thực Ninh Thuận – Chào đón năm mới 2024. Sự góp sức của thương hiệu nước khoáng kiềm thiên nhiên Vikoda đã góp phần tạo sức lan tỏa mạnh mẽ để quảng bá du lịch, ẩm thực Ninh Thuận, xây dựng thương hiệu ẩm thực Ninh Thuận độc đáo, giàu bản sắc văn hóa.

Nguồn khoáng kiềm thiên nhiên Đảnh Thạnh và hành trình 34 năm mang đến giải pháp chăm sóc sức khỏe vượt trội

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