F.I.T Group and the power of 15 years old

Operation news
Over 15 years of establishment and development, F.I.T Group Joint Stock Company has become a strong corporation playing the role of investment, capital management, and ownership in controlling companies operating in basic and essential industries.

F.I.T Group’s total assets increased over 172 times after 15 years

F.I.T Group owns many companies with total assets of about 6,000 billion VND with about 3,000 employees. The businesses of F.I.T Group are in the basic industries with potential for development, focusing on the key industries: Pharmaceutical industry with Cuu Long Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (DCL); Benovas Medical Devices Joint Stock Company (Benovas). Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry including beverages and cosmetics is Khanh Hoa Mineral Water Joint Stock Company (Vikoda); F.I.T Cosmetics Joint Stock Company (FCO); Today Cosmetics Joint Stock Company (TCE). Agriculture – Food with Westfood Exporting and Processing JSC (Westfood). In addition, in 2022, the Group will especially expand development into the real estate sector with unique projects at Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company (F.I.T Land) and Mui Dinh Ecopark Joint Stock Company.

With the experience of the leadership team in strategy development, operational management, finance and business, F.I.T Group has taken the right step in choosing the industries to invest in according to its strengths. In just a short time, the Group has basically completed the goal of building businesses with sustainable and stable operations and creating a foundation for breakthrough development in the future.

After 15 years of establishment, investment and development, F.I.T Group has made great progress. By the end of 2021, the total assets on the audited consolidated financial statements of F.I.T Group is nearly VND 6,000 billion, profit after tax is nearly VND 530 billion.

Strength shown in many areas

One of the basic values ​​of the F.I.T Group’s business model is to take advantage of the synergistic value from saving administrative costs, focusing on deep specialization in member companies, thereby forming the common value of the Group.

Cuu Long Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, a member of F.I.T Group since 2015 is a leading pharmaceutical enterprise in Vietnam with medicines trusted for over 40 years. Cuu Long Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company is currently leading in the production of empty capsules and medical supplies.

Regarding the main product, Capsule, from 2 initial factories, until now, Cuu Long company has built 2 more factories, bringing the total number of Capsule factories to 4 factories with a total production volume of nearly 8 billion capsules per year. Currently, Cuu Long company is the only unit in Vietnam that can produce many types of Capsules with the best quality in Vietnam with modern Canadian production lines. In the coming time, Cuu Long company will continue to invest in the No.5 Capsule factory to meet the increasing demand of the market.

At the end of 2021, Benovas – a subsidiary of Cuu Long company and Pharmascience of Canada have officially become strategic partners. Accordingly, becoming a strategic partner of Pharmascience will help Benovas diversify its product portfolio, creating advantages for Benovas in speeding up the process of accessing, expanding markets, and better serving patients.

Vikoda is one of the few rare enterprises in the world that owns mineral water mines with a pH of 9.0, this is the perfect natural alkaline threshold, helping to neutralize free radicals present in the body, thereby bringing the body back to its natural balance, helping the body to reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, stomach and digestive diseases, cancer, gout, etc. This is considered the “diamond mine” of Vikoda that nature bestows. Water is exploited at a depth of 220 – 270 m, retaining all minerals in nature, without any artificial treatment.

Vikoda là một trong ít doanh nghiệp hiếm hoi trên thế giới sở hữu mỏ nước khoáng có độ pH 9.0, đây là ngưỡng kiềm hoàn hảo tự nhiên, giúp trung hòa các gốc tự do có trong cơ thể, từ đó đưa cơ thể trở về trạng thái cân bằng tự nhiên, giúp cơ thể được giảm nguy cơ mắc các bệnh mãn tính như tiểu đường, bệnh về dạ dày, tiêu hóa, ung thư, gout… . Đây được xem là “mỏ kim cương” của Vikoda mà thiên nhiên ban tặng. Nước được khai thác ở độ sâu từ 220 – 270 m, giữ lại toàn bộ khoáng chất trong tự nhiên, không qua bất kỳ khâu xử lý nhân tạo nào.

In the Fast moving consumer goods industry, F.I.T Group currently owns two companies, F.I.T Cosmetics Joint Stock Company – FCO and Today Cosmetics Joint Stock Company with personal care and home hygiene products. F.I.T Cosmetic’s eco-friendly and health-protecting biological product lines are meeting the needs of consumers well. Dr.Clean, Dr.Kool… products of F.I.T Group are assessed to be of equal quality to foreign brands produced and distributed by multinational corporations.

Besides, F.I.T Group has also left many clear marks in the food industry. Joining F.I.T Group since 2015, Westfood Exporting and Processing JSC (Westfood) is on its way to becoming the number 1 food company, producing and distributing frozen and canned vegetables in Vietnam. Up to now, Westfood products have been present and loved in many countries and continents around the world such as: USA, Canada, France, Netherlands, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Australia…

Not only having the strength in processing fruit for export, Westfood is also the first enterprise in Vietnam to develop and exclusively own the method of breeding MD2 pineapple, a high-quality pineapple variety favored by the world. Currently, Westfood has developed a material area for growing MD2 pineapple seeds over 200 hectares and is aiming to own thousands of hectares of MD2 pineapples in the next 5 years in the Mekong Delta, the Central – Central Highlands region to meet the great demand of the world.

The field of tourism real estate is also an investment field to achieve the “billion dollar” goal of F.I.T Group. On February 2022, F.I.T Group started the Cap Paradan Mui Dinh project – a world-class resort with an area of ​​​​nearly 800 hectares located on a unique terrain in Vietnam.

On February 2022, F.I.T Group started the Cap Padaran Mui Dinh project – a world-class resort.

The project has a total investment of more than 1 billion USD with many subdivisions arranged according to different themes and functions. In addition to the Cap Paradan Mui Dinh project, F.I.T is also planning to develop many potential real estate projects in the provinces of Hoa Binh, Dak Nong…

Social responsibility increasing corporate value

Over 15 years of establishment and development, F.I.T has always focused on corporate social responsibility. Practical studies on socially responsible practices also show a link between corporate values ​​and socially responsible activities. In the long term, social values ​​will help businesses develop sustainably and increase financial value for shareholders through increased future operating cash flows due to society’s trust in business operations.

In 2021, the most complicated development of the Covid-19 pandemic is the 4th outbreak. With the responsibility of a business to society, F.I.T has officially launched the program ” F.I.T Group joins hands to fight COVID-19″. Tens of thousands of boxes of products have been sent by F.I.T Group to government institutions in more than 10 provinces and 8 isolated field hospitals with a total sponsorship value of several tens of billion dong to tens of billion dong.

For 15 years with a pioneering mission, F.I.T Group has always maintained and protected its core values: Effective investment, adding value for shareholders, through a diversified investment advisory product chain, quality investment portfolio and professional personnel. Thanks to that philosophy, F.I.T Group has laid the foundation for great successes in the future.

According to the Financial Times

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