F.I.T Group: Revenue in 2022 reached nearly VND 2,000 billion

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F.I.T Group (ticker symbol: FIT) has just published its Quarter IV/2022 and full-year 2022 financial statements with net revenue exceeding 40% of the set plan, up 57% compared to 2021.

In 2022, in the context of domestic and foreign economic fluctuations, F.I.T Group still affirmed its bravery and position of a prosperous multidisciplinary group to reap many impressive achievements in key areas of operation.

According to the published financial statements, F.I.T Group’s net revenue for the whole year 2022 reached VND 1,917 billion, an increase of VND 697 billion over the same period. Compared to the target approved by the General Meeting of Shareholders, this result showed a remarkable growth in revenue when exceeding 40% of the set plan, 1.57 times higher than last year. Gross profit also recorded VND 459 billion, up 50% compared to 2021. Total assets increased from VND 5,984 billion in 2021 to VND 6,905 billion in 2022, an increase of VND 921 billion.

In 2022, F.I.T Group continued its restructuring roadmap to consolidate all operating apatus to promote production and business activities of member companies and create a growth momentum for the whole Group to enter a breakthrough development stage in 2023.

In the field of pharmaceuticals Cuu Long Pharmaceutical achieved excellent results for the first time when exceeding the revenue threshold of VND 1,036 billion, the highest revenue level of the Company during 46 years of operation. Cuu Long Pharmaceutical’s three core business segments of pharmaceuticals, capsules, and medical devices continued to reap positive results. For the production and supply of empty capsules of all kinds, Cuu Long Pharmaceutical continued to maintain its position in market share in Vietnam and is currently investing in expanding the empty capsule factory (Phase 5) with a total investment of VND 232.5 billion and a capacity of 2.8 billion capsules/year. It is expected that, by the end of Quarter II/2023, the prjoect will be put into operation. For the pharmaceutical and medical device segment, Cuu Long Pharmaceutical plans to invest to build one more medical equipment and materials factory with an investment of approximately 15 million USD and one pharmaceutical factory under EU-GMP standards with a scale of 50,000 m2, total investment capital of VND 1,035 billion, and production capacity of 1.6 billion products/year to help Cuu Long Pharmaceutical create a breakthrough in the scale of operation and push the revenue network from the end of 2023 onwards.

In the field of drinking water businessVikoda brand was widely recognized and engraved in the minds of international and domestic consumers to strongly inspire to enjoy life with outstanding health care products. Modern sales channels reached 80% coverage, while the revenue recorded an increase of 300% over the same period, especially the 5-star resort channel that doubled sales compared to before. In addition to the central market focus, the Northern market is expanding with a growth rate of 45% compared to 2021. In 2023, the Company will focus on improving and diversifying product lines, expanding distribution channels and customer files, meeting the increasingly diverse needs of the bottled water market.

In the field of FMCG FIT Cosmetics has made efforts day by day and has achieved encouraging achievements: Company-wide growth in 2022 reached 33% over the same period, key brands such as DrKool, TERO all grew over 44% compared to 2021. The company has researched and developed many quality products aimed at consumers such as Dr.Clean Family Shower Detergent, Dr.Kool Well Matched Toothbrush, Dark Pro, Clownfish … In 2023, FIT Cosmetics aims to develop bio-Tero product lines as well as other products derived from nature, bringing consumers high-end, environmentally friendly product lines.

In the field of real estate F.I.T Group attracted attention when it signed a cooperation agreement with Banyan Tree, a global group in the development and management of international hotels and resorts, to develop Cap Padaran Mui Dinh project in Ninh Thuan, creating a premise for Cap Padaran Mui Dinh to become the leading developer of real estate, resort tourism combining entertainment, entertainment, sports – golf courses of Vietnam by 2040, fulfilling the mission of creating unique and world-class tourist resorts, attracting tourists and investors across the globe.

By 2027, F.I.T strive to become a multidisciplinary corporation with billion-dollar capitalization and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue with outstanding products and services, contributing to serving and improving the health of the community.

Representatives of the Group’s Board of Directors and member companies are determined to complete the 2023 goals

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