The return of Sumo Mineral Energy Drink – The only line of product manufactured on natural mineral base

Operation news
Researched and developed from rare and valuable mineral water of Danh Thanh, Sumo mineral energy drink with typical and delicious flavor, healthy and suitable for the Vietnamese taste, deliver a refreshing & energetic feeling to easily conquer all goals and challenges.

Modern life with increasingly serious environmental pollution, rising epidemics and heavy work pressure make people vulnerable to stress, fatigue and lack of energy. These are the moments when the body needs a source of energizing energy, restoring strength, awakening alertness to continue conquering all targets and difficulties. As a brand of natural mineral energy drinks associated with childhood of many generations, recently, Khanh Hoa Mineral Water Joint Stock Company (Danh Thanh – Vikoda) has re-launched Sumo mineral energy drink with new appearance – modern, youthful and diverse product lines, more attractive, appropriate for everyone, giving consumers more options in daily life.

Accordingly, the product is a wonderful, unique combination of Danh Thanh natural mineral water which is rich in natural minerals such as Ca, Mg, Na, K, HCO3 … and also the ingredients Taurine, Inositol & vitamin B6, Sumo Mineral Energy Drink not only replenish energy immediately, bring about a sense of alertness, but also help people become healthier, more resilient after exhaustedly and stressfully after playing sports, working or studying. Using Sumo mineral energy drink, every day will always be full of liveliness, helping people become “Stronger in Willpower – Tougher skill & spirit “.

Yellow Sumo energy drink, cafe and strawberry flavor – a wide range of options for consumers

It is the only Vietnamese energy drink produced on the natural mineral base by Khanh Hoa Mineral Water JSC – a reputable and well-known enterprise with over 30 years of experience in the market of Sumo mineral water and energy drink. Not only helps to awaken energy in the body but also increases the resistance, good for people’s health, as follows the company’s good mission, which is to improve and enhance the health of Vietnamese people.

To affirm the reputation of a natural mineral water company with 30 years of establishment and development history in Vietnam, Danh Thanh – Vikoda always focuses on product development based on thorough research on tastes as well as demand of all types of consumers to meet the increasing demands of the market. Along with Sumo mineral energy drink and other products of the company, Đản Thạnh – Vikoda aspires to create a strong Vietnamese brand, not only leading the domestic beverage market but also reaching internationally, paring with friends around the world like the parent company FIT has invested and oriented.

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