iMen sales exceeds 20% of expectation

Operation news
iMen was launched since 2 months ago but this energy drinks iMen – a product of Khanh Hoa Mineral Water JSC (Vikoda) – a member of FIT Group has received positive signal from market.

According to Ms. Ngo Phu My Tien – person in charge of branding for iMen, sales volume of iMen in the last 2 months has reached 20% compared to company target. Thus can see that, Vikoda new product has received positive feedback from market and customers since it was launched.

This good result is from a proper oriental strategy, and from the best efforts of all teams which are product researchers and business development staffs. Towards to young active generation, iMen sales team actively promote product image and brand via a huge major media channels as well as community activities.

Besides using TVC for advertising, iMen also promote brand via CSR activities. In Sep of 2016, iMen also been selected as drinking water main sponsor for “HCM Open Electronic Sports” with subject “Raid”. This program is organized by HCM Sport Magazine and estimated to attract more than 1 million players and guests.

Being a new product in market, but iMen initially received attention from customers and market because of its unique differences: Increasing rich Vitamin B6, Taurin combined with many mineral natural mineral substances (Ca, Na, K, Mg) which are very good for health; 3 forest delicious flavors and extreme nature: forest fruits, raspberry, strong gold; and particularly impressive names iMen and the image Tiger that representing a mighty and inspirational image.

Although newly launched on the market, but iMen is also one of the products that Vikoda and FIT Consumer expect to become one of the strong Vietnamese brands, able to compete with international brands. This is also one of the strategies of F.I.T Group when orienting effective investment in basic industries.

In the coming time, with a high determination to achieve the goals set by the company, the iMen brand will continue to promote sales and promotion activities to bring products closer to consumers, continue to promises a exciting sales season.

Since receiving the investment and management directly from FIT Joint Stock Company, Vikoda has made great development, company products are diversified to meet market demand, designs are improved to catch up with hot trend, sales operations and brand promotion are also strongly invested. Looking ahead, with the current growth momentum and the strategic direction of FIT, Khanh Hoa Mineral Water JSC is evaluated to have a strong growth and becoming one of the leading companies in the market.

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