OGSM Rollout Across the Group in 2024: Aiming for Sustainable Development

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On November 21, 2023, F.I.T Group successfully organized the OGSM Rollout Conference for the entire Group in 2024. This event is an important part of the annual series of events at the Group and its Member Companies (MCs).

OGSM is a key business management tool applied at F.I.T Group from its early days, becoming a distinctive feature in the management philosophy of the Leadership, helping the Group to build success and develop a strong scale as today. At the Conference, the CEO of the Group and the MCs reported the results of the OGSM 2023 summary and the OGSM 2024 plan, while listening to comments and evaluations from the Leadership.

The 2024 OGSM Roll-out Conference was attended by Chairman Nguyen Van Sang, the Group’s Board of Directors, the Board of Directors of MCs, and the employees of the entire Group.

2023 is seen as a year with many economic fluctuations, significantly affecting the operations of domestic enterprises. Faced with this situation, F.I.T Group focused on closely following the action strategies set out from the beginning of the year, while innovating products, investing in building factories and infrastructure, improving the production and business capacity of staff. As a result, the Group and the MCs have achieved many successes, laying the foundation for sustainable and stable development in the future:

In the field of Pharmaceuticals/Medical Equipment, in 2023, DCL focused on understanding and capturing market needs, while expanding the ETC distribution network. In addition, DCL also developed the business of medicinal ingredients, diversifying the supply sources. The company also invested in expanding production lines and building new factories to meet the increasing product demands of the market. Accordingly, with the production and supply of various types of empty capsules, DCL is currently expanding the Vicancap factory according to the set schedule. It is expected that in January 2024, when capsule line 5 comes into operation, the supply capacity will reach 9.6 billion capsules/year, equivalent to about 800 million capsules/month. For the medical equipment segment, DCL continues to ensure the construction schedule of the Benovas Medical Equipment Manufacturing Factory. The project has an area of 11000m2, with a total investment of 373 billion VND, divided into 2 phases and expected to be operational by the second quarter of 2024. In the Pharmaceuticals segment, DCL is investing in an EU – GMP standard pharmaceutical plant with a total investment of 1,035 billion VND. The production capacity of the plant is 1.6 billion products/year.

Mr. Luong Trong Hai – General Director of Cuu Long Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company said that 2023 is a year of many challenges but full of efforts by the Leadership and all employees of the company. Heading to 2024, DCL sets the goal: Commit to maintaining growth momentum, Collective unity, enthusiasm, professionalism, and efficiency.

Mr. Luong Trong Hai – CEO of DCL reports OGSM 2023 and plans for OGSM 2024.

In the field of drinking water business, Khanh Hoa Mineral Water Joint Stock Company focused on upgrading modern bottling lines directly at the source, bringing the world’s most precious natural mineral water with PH 9.0 alkalinity directly to consumers, optimizing digestive care and enhancing health every day. In addition, Vikoda continues to expand the market through distribution channels nationwide, thereby laying the groundwork to boost the company’s revenue growth; brand activation activities are strongly implemented, promoting the increase in brand recognition among consumers, especially the natural alkaline mineral water brand Vikoda. The company’s products are currently present in major supermarkets nationwide such as CoopMart, Circle K, Big C, GS25, Bách hóa xanh … and e-commerce channels such as Shopee, Tiki, Lazada, Sendo. Owning the rare Đảnh Thạnh natural alkaline mineral mine, Vikoda continues to expand, increasing the brand recognition of product lines in consumers’ minds, especially the natural alkaline mineral water brand Vikoda.

In 2024, Vikoda will continue to focus on improving and diversifying product lines, intensifying brand activities, expanding distribution channels and customer networks, bringing superior health care solutions to consumers, originally from nature. Towards 2027, Khanh Hoa Mineral Water Joint Stock Company aims to become the leading company in providing natural alkaline mineral water in Vietnam with a revenue of 40 million USD, consumption of natural alkaline mineral water Vikoda reaching 500,000 liters/day, and a net profit margin of 15%.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Nga – CEO of VKD reports OGSM 2023 and plans for OGSM 2024

In the field of cosmetics, the biological Tero products of FIT Cosmetics were launched in June 2023 and quickly won the favor of consumers, contributing to the green consumption trend through the use of safe biological cleaning products derived from enzymes, ensuring health safety for the whole family. In the future, FIT Cosmetics will continue its strategy to develop Personal Care and Family Care product brands in line with the green trend, sustainable, environmentally friendly, and safe for health when used, exemplified by the Tero Biological brand with multi-Enzyme technology from Europe, offering superior cleaning effectiveness and absolute safety for both adults and children. In 2024, the management team and employees of FIT Cosmetics Joint Stock Company set the goal: To make Tero Biological a leading brand in the biological product segment in Vietnam.

At the Group level, General Director Nguyen Van Ban reported the results of OGSM 2023 and the plan for OGSM 2024. As of November 2023, the Group had completed 80% of OGSM 2023. Heading towards 2024, F.I.T Group aims to: Continue to improve digital management operations and optimize investment and business capital activities across the entire Group.

Chairman of F.I.T Group, Mr. Nguyen Van Sang affirmed, the OGSM Roll-out 2024 Conference is considered the most successful to date, as all member companies have clearly understood, internalized, and outlined specific strategies and objectives for 2024, “I believe that with the goals and strategies set, the Management Board along with the collective staff will head towards a victorious 2024, opening a new chapter with sustainable development for the entire Group.”

2024, with its many challenges and opportunities, requires the resilience, intelligence, and desire to win of each individual in the Leadership and all employees. With the joint efforts and unity of the Group and its member companies, 2024 will be a landmark year with brilliant results, laying the foundation for sustainable development, realizing the vision of becoming a prosperous, diversified Group with distinctive, leading products and services, improving the quality of life.

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Vikoda – 34 năm kỷ niệm Hành trình Ngọc trong đá

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Ngày 19/01/2024, kỷ niệm cột mốc 34 năm gắn bó với người tiêu dùng Việt, Công ty Cổ phần Nước khoáng Khánh Hòa đã tổ chức Lễ kỷ niệm thành lập, xác lập dấu ấn 34 năm gìn giữ giá trị nguyên bản từ thiên nhiên, mang đến cho cộng đồng các giải pháp chăm sóc sức khỏe vượt trội.

Vikoda góp phần quảng bá du lịch, ẩm thực tỉnh Ninh Thuận

Từ ngày 26/12/2023 đến ngày 31/12/2023, thương hiệu nước khoáng kiềm thiên nhiên Vikoda của Công ty CP Nước khoáng Khánh Hòa đã đồng hành cùng UBND tỉnh Ninh Thuận tổ chức thành công Lễ hội Ẩm thực Ninh Thuận – Chào đón năm mới 2024. Sự góp sức của thương hiệu nước khoáng kiềm thiên nhiên Vikoda đã góp phần tạo sức lan tỏa mạnh mẽ để quảng bá du lịch, ẩm thực Ninh Thuận, xây dựng thương hiệu ẩm thực Ninh Thuận độc đáo, giàu bản sắc văn hóa.

Nguồn khoáng kiềm thiên nhiên Đảnh Thạnh và hành trình 34 năm mang đến giải pháp chăm sóc sức khỏe vượt trội

Nguồn nước khoáng kiềm thiên nhiên Đảnh Thạnh nổi danh bởi chất lượng nước hàng đầu, vị thanh ngọt tự nhiên và công dụng hiếm có đối với sức khỏe. Được khai thác chính thức bởi Công ty Cổ phần Nước khoáng Khánh Hòa, trải qua 34 năm lịch sử phát triển, nguồn khoáng Đảnh Thạnh thực sự cho thấy: Đây là một món quà vô giá mà thiên nhiên ban tặng cho con người.