VikoNest bird’s nest soup – a nutritious source from nature

Thanks to its rich nutritional value and great benefits for human health, VikoNest bird’s nest soup – a nutritious drink from nature has always been highly appreciated and trusted by Vietnamese consumers.

VikoNest Salanganes’ Nest from Khanh Hoa Mineral Water Joint Stock Company (Danh Thanh – Vikoda) is a nutritious drink with nutritional content many times higher than regular soft drinks, made from the source of Khanh Hoa Salanganes’ Nest with outstanding quality on top of the country, which is widely known for its sustainable nest structure, absorbing rare minerals, multi-elements, abundant micronutrients and nutritional components than other types of bird’s nest. From the source of bird’s nests, meticulously selected in Khanh Hoa, undergoing the production process based on traditional methods combined with modern methods, Đản Thạnh – Vikoda has brought to Vietnamese people a fine, refreshing and nutritious drink from nature, suitable for all ages.

Using VikoNest bird’s nest soup regularly is one of the measures to improve and enhance health efficiency. In the composition of Salanganes’Nest VikoNest contains 18 kinds of amino acids and 31 trace elements such as calcium, iron, copper, zinc, selenium, threonine, glycine, tryptophan … These substances have high nutritional value and very important in regulating blood, increasing resistance, recovering health, improving digestion, antioxidant and disease prevention.

For each age group, bird’s nest drink VikoNest brings about different effects:

  • For the elderly: improving health, preventing disease, enhancing kidney function, stabilizing circulatory function, preventing diseases such as high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, sudden stroke, other dangerous complications of diabetes, help stabilize nerves, memory, limit insomnia.
  • For children: helps stimulate the digestive system, improve food complications, boost immunity, develop the bones and brain.
  • For women: boosting collagen production helps women have elastic, no dark spots and vital skin, prevents signs of aging and improves female physiology.
  • For pregnant women: reduce symptoms of morning sickness, risk of pre-eclampsia, limb aches and pains; anti-depression; Increasing resistance for the mother and fetus, helping the fetus develop healthy.
  • For men: reduce stress, fatigue, reduce the harmful effects of alcohol, beer, cigarettes, improve health, reinforce vitality.

Designed with modern and convenient packaging design, VikoNest bird’s nest drink is suitable for using in festivals, New Year, parties, conferences or as gifts for relatives and friends.

Unceasingly innovating, bringing to consumers a wide range of drinking and beverage products derived from nature, meeting the demands of all ages, Đản Thạnh – Vikoda is increasingly asserting its name and brand in Vietnam’s drinking water market. At the same time, owning products that are ahead of the market trend, Đản Thạnh – Vikoda has been contributing positive values ​​to the community, for the health benefits of the community in accordance with the strategy that the parent company – FIT group has directed.

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