Vikoda Bird’s Nest Drink – nutritious drink for health

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FIT Beverage has introduced a new product: Vikoda Bird’s Nest Drink, the product with high nutritious value ingredients, and good for health.

Introduced to the market from 1990, the mineral water brand of Danh Thanh – Vikoda of Khanh Hoa Mineral Water Joint Stock Company – FIT Beverage has left a good imprint in customers’ minds and become familiar with every family. With the desire to develop new products from Bird’s Nest to meet the nutritional needs of consumers and offer more choices for Vietnamese in modern life, FIT Beverage has done researches and released Vikoda Bird’s Nests Drink in the Vikoda Product – Launch Conference in Da Nang on 17/11/2018.

Vikoda Bird’s Nest Drink is produced from swiftlet’s edible-nest harvested from Khanh Hoa island and other islands by the traditional method combined with modern technique with the goal of producing product with perfect quality. Therefore, the composition of Vikoda Bird’s Nest Drink still ensure the nutrient content from the original nest.

Containing 18 kinds of amino acids and 31 trace substances such as calcium, iron, copper, zinc, selenium, threonine, glycine, tryptophan, Vikoda Bird’s Nest Drink is a nutritious drink suitable for all ages, from the elders, adults to kids. It increases resistance, relieves inflammation, aids recovery after surgery, stabilizes nerves and memory, stimulates sleep and moderates digestive system. In addition, Threonine and Glyco-proteins in Vikoda Bird’s Nest Drink also provide collagen to help women reduce pigmentation and give them a glowy and healthy skin. For pregnant women, using the Vikoda Bird’s Nest Drink also help the baby grow healthily, reduce body heat, balance the body and boost the immune system. Meeting all needs of consumers, Vikoda Bird’s Nest Drink can be used in daily life, in ceremonies, parties, conferences or be given as gifts for relatives, friends.

With the direction to diversify the product to serve all classes of consumers, FIT Beverage constantly innovates technology, perfects modern production lines and has introduced many kinds of drinking water which protect health of the users. In particular, since becoming a subsidiary of FIT Group and being focused on the investment strategy of FIT parent company, FIT Beverage has made great strides and is progressing towards its goal of becoming Top company in the beverage segment with nature origin and good for health.

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