A famous mineral water of Vietnam that aids digestion

Mineral water has long been favorably used by the Japanese for treatments. They use mineral water to drink, bathe, soak or even cook. Because natural mineral water contains good minerals which are able to prevent and treat many diseases. Fortunately, Vietnam also has such mineral water source.

Vikoda natural mineral water helps with digestive tract

Since ancient times, residents of Dien Tan Commune, Dien Khanh District, Khanh Hoa Province passed the words to each other about precious mineral water source called Danh Thanh and have now been renamed Vikoda Natural Mineral Water which has ability of curing many diseases, particularly digestive diseases. Acknowledged this story, scientists have entered and do studies trying to find explanation for this phenomenon.

Researchers began to study the effect of natural mineral water on patients with digestive diseases, in which a group of patients used Vikoda natural mineral water daily and the other did not.

After a short period of time, most patients in the group which used Vikoda were reported to have improvement in digestive tract. Patients had more appetite, got less constipation or stopped diarrhea, got less symptoms of dry mouth. Among them, the patient named Tran Thi C had suffered from malaria, chronic hepatitis and small liver; she also had symptoms of constipation, or diarrhea, stomachache, stomach gurgling quite often; she had eaten less, had less appetite and had to usually take Ganidan. After using Danh Thanh Mineral Water, Mrs. C digested better, did not need to use Ganidan anymore.

Patient Nguyen Thi T suffered from colitis for 12 years and were treated by many kinds of medicines but just got very limited effect. After drinking mineral water often, her digestive health has improved and does not have to use any other medicines.

Through experiments analyzing the composition of that water, scientists discovered that in the composition of Vikoda natural mineral water contains Bicarbonate, Calcium and Potassium which have anesthetic and analgesic effects on stomach inflammation and at the same time, are able to anti fermentation and bloating, support the best for healthy digestive system. In addition, Vikoda natural mineral water also contains Chloride compositions which are used either in the form of a bath or drink can produce positive results on periphery vascular system, increase saliva and gastric acid secretion, stimulate intestinal motility and boost urinary excretion. The outstanding advantage of Vikoda Natural Mineral Water is low fluorine concentration, only 1.8mg/liter, which is safe for long usage since it does not cause complications for both the skin and intestinal motility.

With the content of Metasilisic acid (H2SiO3) in undissolved form, Vikoda natural mineral water works well on the nervous system, numbness, gynecological diseases and illnesses due to injury. Therefore, this “friend” has been accompanying with the people of Central Vietnam for nearly 30 years, together being healthy.

Vikoda Natural Mineral Water – Reassurance for Health

Vikoda was established in 1990, based on its precursor – Dien Khanh mineral water factory, bottled right at the source at 720C of tap temperature by a closed-loop process in Dien Tan commune (Dien Khanh district, Khanh Hoa province). After nearly 30 years of development, Vikoda mineral water has become a close friend of the people here. Especially, this source of natural mineral water has advantages over other places because it is located in the middle of the layer of clay minerals with area of more than 30ha, is exploited and bottled at the source at a depth of 220m underground and verified by Ministry of Health as a quality and safe product for the users.

Each bottle of Vikoda natural mineral water is packaged right at the source to ensure the freshness of minerals from nature. Where if the higher the silica content and pH a healthy mineral water contain (above 7.0), the lower the risk of diseases is, then the Vikoda natural mineral water mineral with high content of silica and pH up to 8.5 will be completely safe to use.

The truth behind the story of the Vikoda mineral water

Vikoda natural mineral water is formed from the droplets of sediment deposited on the top of Hon Chuong (Khanh Hoa) and then penetrated into the soil and underwent hundreds of years to form underground water through fractured geological faults. Every 33 meter- deep, the temperature in the ground increases by 1 degree Celsius. It makes the adventures of water droplets tougher as the geothermal layer is heated up. Water passes through the stone vessels and dissolves precious minerals, which are beneficial for human health. Each drop of water has to go through a journey full of arduous and challenging, lasting more than 100 years, over 220m deep in the ground.

Therefore, it is not by chance that natural mineral water in Khanh Hoa area is chosen by many investors as a place of exploitation because there are many valuable minerals for human health. Not only provide full of minerals, the water source here is also considered as “treasure” of each locality because each drop of water can act as a natural medicine to aid to preventing and curing diseases.

From October 2018, Vikoda Natural Mineral Water launched the product with a completely new packaging, more convenient and friendly with environment.

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