Vikoda natural alkaline mineral water – a gift for health

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Vikoda natural alkaline mineral water from Danh Thanh alkaline mineral source is put directly into the extraction factory and only goes through the process of coarse filtration, filtration by UV light, therefore, Vikoda is committed to bringing consumers the quintessential gift from nature.

Benefits of natural alkaline mineral water

Natural mineral water is extracted from underground water flowing through geological layers, with higher mineral content than normal water. More than that, natural alkaline mineral water is created by the process of groundwater osmosis through the natural fractured geological layers of the earth’s crust, thereby accumulating minerals to create natural alkalinity for water without any human intervention.

pH on a 0-14 scale is used to measure the alkalinity of water. The higher the pH and the higher the alkalinity, the lower the acidity. The body’s pH in the range of 7.3 and 7.4 will benefit cells to normally work.

The habit of using a lot of acidic foods such as red meat, processed foods, alcohol, etc is the reason for the body’s accumulation of an excess acid amount. If such excess acid amount is kept for a long time, it will lead to many health risks. The findings show that natural alkaline mineral water can contribute to neutralizing acids in the body.

Vikoda natural alkaline mineral water supports the digestive system and is good for health

Vikoda natural alkaline mineral water – Full quintessence of nature 

According to the latest article of the Washington Daily News, Danh Thanh mineral source has a stable composition and is equal to famous mineral sources in the world. This mineral source is located 220m deep at the foot of Hon Chuong mountain in the Truong Son range, and strictly protected in an area of over 30 hectares.

Established in 1990, Khanh Hoa Mineral Water Joint Stock Company under F.I.T Group is a Vietnamese unit that exploits Danh Thanh mineral water mine under the license of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and the Ministry of Health. With precious natural mineral water source, the company has launched on the market a series of healthy beverage and beverage products, led by the brand of Vikoda natural alkaline mineral water.

Vikoda natural alkaline mineral water – A difference by the ideal alkaline mineral source

Mr. Nguyen Nhat Hoang – General Director of Vikoda shared: “Vikoda is a rare enterprise in Vietnam that owns a factory located directly at the water source. We hope that the consumer community developed by Vikoda shall form a new view, specifically not only drinking water in the usual way but enjoying the most quintessential values from nature.”

According to Vikoda, the findings from 1977 to 1999 shows that Danh Thanh is a natural source of water with perfect natural alkaline minerals, light mineral concentration and pH = 9.0, which is suitable for daily use and good for health.

Vikoda natural alkaline mineral water is exploited from the Danh Thanh alkaline mineral source, then put directly into the extraction plant and only goes through the coarse filtration and sterilization by ultraviolet light (UV), therefore, we are committed to bringing consumers an original and valuable gift from nature.

Mr. Nguyen Van Sang – Chairman of F.I.T. Group

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Sang – Chairman of F.I.T. Group: “In the market today, there are many world-famous natural mineral water products sold in Vietnam at very high prices, but still sought after by consumers. This is the basis for Vikoda to continue the studies to launch diverse product lines to serve market demands, and seek for potential cooperation and export opportunities.”

Vikoda natural alkaline mineral water is available at supermarket chains and convenience stores across the country.

The product has a sweet and fresh taste and perfect alkalinity pH = 9.0. It is 100% natural and contains minerals to neutralize excess stomach acid, bringing the body back to a natural healthy balance. Daily product use is very good for health.

Vikoda natural alkaline mineral water is currently available at restaurants, high-class hotels, large supermarket chains (Big C, Lotte, Saigon Co.op, Bach Hoa Xanh, Emart, etc), chains of convenience stores (Circle K, GS25, Family Mart, etc), water agents, grocery stores across the country.

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Vikoda khánh thành cây cầu qua mỏ nước khoáng Đảnh Thạnh

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Ngày 24/09/2023 vừa qua, Công ty Cổ phần Nước khoáng Khánh Hòa đã tổ chức Lễ khánh thành cây cầu qua mỏ nước khoáng kiềm thiên nhiên Đảnh Thạnh. Cây cầu mới có chiều dài 132m, thay thế cho cây cầu trước đây để đặt đường ống dẫn nước trực tiếp từ mỏ khoáng Đảnh Thạnh vào nhà máy.

Vikoda đồng hành cùng Đêm nhạc gây quỹ từ thiện “Trái tim nhân ái”

Tối 20/08/2023, nhãn hàng Nước khoáng kiềm thiên nhiên Vikoda của Công ty CP Nước khoáng Khánh Hòa đã đồng hành cùng Hội Bảo trợ người khuyết tật, bệnh nhân nghèo và quyền trẻ em tỉnh Khánh Hòa và Hiệp hội Ẩm thực tỉnh tổ chức chương trình đêm nhạc “Trái tim nhân ái” để gây quỹ, hỗ trợ cho những người có hoàn cảnh đặc biệt.

KHÁCH HÀNG LIÊN TIẾP TRÚNG VÀNG, VIKODA gia hạn khuyến mại lên đến 31.10.2023

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Chia sẻ cùng niềm vui trúng vàng liên tiếp của khách hàng, nhãn hàng Nước khoáng kiềm thiên nhiên Vikoda quyết định kéo dài chương trình Mừng sinh nhật 33 – Mua Vikoda - Trúng thưởng bao la đến hết ngày 31/10/2023 trên toàn quốc.