Natural alkaline mineral water, a precious gift for a healthy digestive system

With rare mineral ingredients, the natural alkaline mineral water in daily use can bring outstanding long-term benefits to health in general and the digestive system in particular.

Natural alkaline mineral water – a solution for neutralizing excess stomach acid

The habit of using a lot of acidic foods such as red meat, processed foods, alcohol, etc is the reason for the body’s accumulation of an excess acid amount. According to Boldsky (USA), the acid concentration in the body is too high, resulting in the bad sleep, skin problems, tiredness, weak bones, muscles tending to shrink and cause muscle pain, etc.

The stomach is an organ which contains a lot of acid in the body, easily causing an acid excess. Excess stomach acid can lead to stomach pain, ulcers, stomach bleeding, etc. Supply of adequate water for the body can support the elimination of some toxins through urine and sweat. However, the alkaline water should be added to the body for neutralization of excess acid in the stomach.

It is called alkaline mineral water or alkaline water as the content of natural alkaline minerals are included in the composition of the water. pH on a 0-14 scale is used to measure the alkalinity of water. For liquids in the human body, pH is one of the scales to assess the health situation. The body’s pH in the range of 7.3 and 7.4 will benefit cells to normally work. The World Health Organization (WHO) established the limit in which mineral water has the highest alkalinity of 9.5 and a pH level of 9.0 to be perfectly suitable for drinking.

Daily use of natural alkaline mineral water eliminates excess stomach acid

Bottled water in the market can be classified into 3 large groups: purified water, natural mineral water and alkaline water. Alkaline water has two types: artificial alkaline water and natural alkaline mineral water. Artificial alkaline water is formed via electrolysis technology, specifically water alkaline is created by splitting water molecules into H+ and OH- ions. Natural alkaline mineral water is formed via the process of underground water osmosis through geological layers, accumulation of minerals to create natural alkalinity.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, the products derived from nature, without additives and preservatives, is in a great demand. This fact is also the reason why natural alkaline mineral water reaches great attention and popularity.

Vikoda natural alkaline mineral water reaches the ideal alkalinity pH = 9.0 from nature

Deeply located at the foot of Hon Chuong mountain in the Truong Son range, Danh Thanh alkaline mineral source is an invaluable gift from the nature to Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam. The findings show that Danh Thanh is a natural water source with perfect natural alkaline minerals, light mineral content and ideal alkalinity pH = 9.0. A protection belt of over 30 hectares is designed surrounding the mineral water mine, without any human intervention or impact, therefore, the water flow has high purity and cleanness.

A study of a group of doctors namely Dr. Tran Nguyet Hong, Dr. Dao Hoang Phuong, Dr. Le Minh Tri, Dr. Le Thi Cuc, Dr. Nguyen Kim Hoa (“Mineral Water in Treatment”, Khanh Hoa General Hospital) was conducted in 1978 in 3 groups of patients with chronic hepatitis – cholangitis, gastric and duodenal ulcers, urinary tract infection, in which each patient drank 1 liter/day of Vikoda natural alkaline mineral water exploited from Danh Thanh rare mineral source in combination with other treatment methods within 1 year. The findings showed that most such patients had a remarkable improvement in digestion.

Uses of minerals in Vikoda natural alkaline mineral water

Vikoda natural alkaline mineral water is exploited from the source, put directly into the extraction plant and only goes through the process of coarse filtration, sterilization by ultraviolet (UV). Inheriting the features of the stratigraphic structure of Danh Thanh alkaline mineral source, Vikoda natural alkaline mineral water has a sweet, juicy and light taste, abundant natural minerals refined through many faults to form the global crust underground.

According to a representative of Khánh Hòa Center for Disease Control, shared: “Modern meals often contain a lot of fat and red meat, resulting in an imbalance in the amount of acid in the body, easily causing reflux syndrome, which can lead to stomach ulcers and cancer. Natural alkaline mineral water with perfect natural alkalinity can neutralize excess acid of the body if used regularly. Furthermore, the rich mineral content from alkaline mineral source was proved to well support health and digestive system. This is a precious gift for health bestowed on Vietnam by nature.”

Vikoda natural alkaline mineral water is good for health and digestive system

Vikoda natural alkaline mineral water so far has been present at restaurants, high-class hotels, large supermarket chains (Big C, Lotte, Saigon Co.op, Bach Hoa Xanh, Emart, etc), convenience store chains (Circle K, GS25, Family Mart, etc.) water agents, grocery stores across the country.

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