Women’s worries when their husbands party

Husbands’ hard-to-refuse year-end parties or receptions make wives sleepless. They are both worried that their husbands are in danger of moving and afraid of long-term health effects.

Looking at the clock continuously, Mrs. Thuy Duong (District 5, Ho Chi Minh City) said this was the third day in a row that her husband had to receive a late partner. About half a month ago, parties were more frequent, and every time her husband came home he was in a state of fatigue.

“Every day, it’s later than 11 o’clock and even dawn that he comes back. I’m worried that his stomach will not be able to bear it because he himself is very respectful when invited to drink and always gives his best to partners and colleagues,” Mrs. Duong said.

Risks to health and digestive system

Mrs. Duong has a friend who had stomach problems last year end due to drinking a lot of alcohol. Therefore, she always tries to remind her husband to eat in moderation and, especially, to control the daily alcohol intake. However, with the specificity of his job as head of sales, it is difficult for him to avoid meetings with customers and partners, especially at the end of the year like this.

The tired and drunken state of the men when they get home

This worry is not only of Mrs. Duong. Ms. Diep Anh and her husband (Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City) sometimes quarrels because he often respects the party invitations of guests and colleagues. His gastroesophageal reflux has also appeared more frequently, causing him discomfort, nausea, and even hoarseness in his voice.

“Even though I can’t force my husband to stop partying, I can’t help but worry about him. I just wish he would be less respectful and think about his health more every time he goes to a party,” Said Diep Anh.

Excessive alcohol use not only poses a risk of accidents, violence, or poisoning when blood alcohol levels are elevated, but in the long run there is also a risk of blood pressure, heart, liver, and digestive diseases or stroke.

Alcoholic beverages such as alcohol and beer increase the amount of acid in the stomach

Particularly for the digestive system, alcoholic beverages can increase the amount of acid in the stomach, thereby irritating the stomach lining. Therefore, drinking too much alcohol can cause various stomach diseases as well as limit the absorption of nutrients from food to severely affect health.

Stomach acid when secreted maintains the pH in the stomach at between 1.6 and 2.4. This is a good physiological pH level to protect the cells in the stomach and keep the body healthy. If hydrochloric acid is secreted too much, it will cause the pH in the stomach to drop, causing damage to cells, especially mucosal cells that are already very fragile. Moreover, excess stomach acid will damage cells, cause inflammation, and lead to many serious consequences.

Therefore, we need to maintain a nutritious and balanced diet and limit the use of alcoholic beverages or highly acidic foods. Not only do we wait until we get sick to cure it, we also need to prevent it early by combining it with regular exercise every day.

Vikoda – The secret to a healthy digestive system

In response to her husband’s frequent drinking, Mrs. Thuy Duong has “prepared” a secret – Vikoda Natural Alkaline Mineral Water bottled at the rare Dam Thanh alkaline mineral source located 220m underground.

Research results from 1977 to 1999 showed that Dang Thanh is a natural water source with perfect natural alkalinity, light mineral content, and pH = 9.0 to support daily health. The studies also showed that Danh Thanh alkaline mineral source belongs to the type of silicon mineral microelements that meet international standards with a stable composition, comparable to world-famous mineral sources.

Therefore, Vikoda Natural Alkaline Mineral Water with alkalinity pH 9.0 is perfect for drinking every day to neutralize excess acid in the stomach and bring the body to a natural healthy balance.

Not only that, if combined with the right treatments, drinking Vikoda Natural Alkaline Mineral Water every day also effectively supports the process of healing diseases of the stomach, colon, liver, and urinary tract.

Sharing the secret, Mrs. Thuy Duong said she always prepares her husband a 350 ml bottle of Vikoda every time he goes to a party. At the same time, there are always large 19l bottles available in her house for the whole family to use to supplement their health every day.

For Mrs. Diep Anh, although she only knows about Vikoda recently, she notices that her husband’s gastroesophageal reflux has improved significantly. “I’m still taking steps to advise him to take better care of his health. However, in the short term, Vikoda alkaline mineral water helps me to reduce the worry somewhat. After a month of using Vikoda and limiting alcohol, my husband’s stomach seems to improve when he eats well and feels less full and uncomfortable than before,” Diep Anh shared.

Vikoda Natural Alkaline Mineral Water with pH 9.0 helps balance the body and bring a healthy digestive system during the New Year

Currently, Vikoda Natural Alkaline Mineral Water is present in many high-end restaurants and hotels as well as large supermarket chains, convenience stores, and grocery stores throughout the country with a variety of types and capacities to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

On December 21st, 2022, People’s Hospital 115, in collaboration with Me va Con Magazine, held a scientific conference titled “The role of alkaline mineral water in health and digestive system”. During the conference, a lot of useful information was shared besides orientations to support more effective counseling and care for patients with digestive diseases to spread a lot of useful health knowledge to the community.

Discover information about Vikoda Natural Alkaline Mineral Water Here.

Contact for purchase – Hotline: 1900.986.886 or buy directly at supermarkets, convenience stores, and grocery stores nationwide.

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