Do consumers understand all about natural mineral water and purified water?

Most consumers are confused between the concepts of natural mineral water and pure water. Without understanding, it is difficult for the consumer to distinguish between mineral water and pure water.

Today, thanks to modern technology, the production of pure water become simpler than ever. Accordingly, water from the well, or tap water is put into equipment to filter impurities as well as deodorize bacteria then be bottled.

Natural mineral water is a source of water accumulated deep in the ground, deposited at the same time through many strata and rich in minerals. The process of producing natural mineral water is also extremely complicated. Mineral water must be taken under conditions that ensure the initial cleanliness of microorganisms and chemical composition of basic components, not contaminated with chemicals and microorganisms, without going through chemical treatment stages. After that, the water is bottled near the source with closed pipeline systems, from mineral mines directly into the factory and bottled to meet sanitary requirements, unlike many other types transported by the tank to the factory which is very far from the source. The process of treating mineral water is also very strict to maintain the mineral content, without adding or removing ingredients.

“According to the national technical regulation issued by the Ministry of Health, effective from January 1st, 2011, on the commodity label of bottled natural mineral water, the words“natural mineral water” must be inscribed. In order to avoid misleading, Pure water could not be named with the word “natural water” or “mineral water”. In addition, consumers are also very easy to confuse natural mineral water with spring water or bottled water. Mineral water is also a type of water in special geological layers, but contains little mineral content, these concentrations are unstable and can only be considered as sterile natural water, but with mineral water of more content of good substances and minerals is relatively stable, so it has many values ​​for health. Bottled drinking water is only a normal type of drink used for direct drinking, in the composition may contain natural or supplemental minerals and carbon dioxide (CO2). For example, pure water is a kind of bottled water, or there is mineral water in the market but it is only water that provides mineral, not natural mineral water bottled at source, consumers need to pay close attention to the packaging, labels to choose the right type of healthy water.

Currently, in the situation of Vietnamese daily meals still lacking 30-50% of essential minerals, along with increasingly polluted environmental conditions, drinking natural mineral water is one of the best solutions. safe, effective to replenish the essential micronutrients for the body every day.

The Program “Smart consumption” giving information about natural mineral water Danh Thanh – Vikoda

Danh Thanh - Vikoda is a brand of natural mineral water trusted by locals in Khanh Hoa province and the whole country for the past 30 years. Using mining technology at a depth of 220m in the ground, the temperature at the tap is up to 72 degrees Celsius and bottling with a modern, closed process right at the source according to the regulations of the Ministry of Health; Water quality with high natural alkalinity, standard pH 8.5, Danh Thanh - Vikoda natural mineral water brings a lot of benefits to health.

According to Dr. Ton That Toan - Director of Khanh Hoa Health Education and Communication Center, Danh Thanh - Vikoda natural mineral water has micro-minerals negative and positive ions Na+, K+, Ca+, Mg+, HCO3-. These negative and positive ions in Vikoda mineral water are very harmonious and have a very good impact on health, helping to balance, prevent and support the treatment of diseases related to metabolic disorders such as diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, kidney stone prevention. The alkaline nature of Danh Thanh - Vikoda natural mineral water helps to neutralize excess acid in the stomach, reduce gastroesophageal reflux, stomach ulcers and the risk of cancer later.

Owning the quality and valuable benefits to health, the Board of Directors as well as all Vikoda’s employees have been making every effort to bring the valuable and rare mineral water to consumers extensively, carrying out the mission of improving the health of Vietnamese, developing the brand of Danh Thanh – Vikoda natural mineral water to become a valid Vietnamese brand, forceful enough to compete with major international brands as parent company FIT Group has oriented.

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Nguồn nước khoáng kiềm thiên nhiên Đảnh Thạnh nổi danh bởi chất lượng nước hàng đầu, vị thanh ngọt tự nhiên và công dụng hiếm có đối với sức khỏe. Được khai thác chính thức bởi Công ty Cổ phần Nước khoáng Khánh Hòa, trải qua 34 năm lịch sử phát triển, nguồn khoáng Đảnh Thạnh thực sự cho thấy: Đây là một món quà vô giá mà thiên nhiên ban tặng cho con người.

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Cả nể uống rượu bia hay cho phép bản thân ăn thả ga suốt mùa lễ Tết có thể làm tổn hại hệ tiêu hóa, thậm chí gây nên một số chứng bệnh nguy hiểm.

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Chỉ với một hành động đơn giản, bạn vẫn có thể tự tin ăn uống “thả ga” với bạn bè mùa lễ tết mà không phải quá lo lắng về việc sức khỏe thể chất bị đảo lộn.