Imen Launching Day “Ngay Hoi Tung Hang Imen”

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On July 10, 2016, "IMMEN Mineral Energy Booster Feast" was kicked off at Tran-Vien Dong Hotel, the beautiful coastal city of Nha Trang. This big event has the participation of all company employees: from the production rear, to the frontline […]

10.07.2016, “NGAY HOI TUNG HANG – iMEN mineral tonic” was launched at Tran Vien Dong hotel, at beautiful Nha Trang city. This big event with the participation of all the members of the company: from production hinterland, to the frontline sales team, Sale operation team, Marketing team, leaders and siblings – who marquetry steering the boat reached strong waves, to succeed. All are dressed in national colors iMen of personality and brings strong spirit iMen own identity.

“NGAY HOI TUNG HANG – IMEN mineral tonic” is a milestone marked the birth of iMen mineral energy products, product are “conceived” so many months uninterrupted and placed great expectations are make new breakthroughs in beverage market of FIT Consumer. The product has experienced many tough stages from the stage to the idea, researching recipes, design, survey and production; and today proudly launch a kind of tonic water is extremely fresh and quality to market.

Increasing mineral resources iMen with slogan “Raise strong. IMen uprightness’ promises can penetrate quickly into the point of sale, to conquer consumers all over the country. Compared to current products on the market, iMen energy drinks unique differences such as:

  • Increase rich resources Vitamin B6, Taurin combined with natural mineral minerals (Ca, Na, K, Mg) very healthy.
  • 3 delicious forest flavors, extreme nature: forest fruits, raspberry, yellow.
  • Name iMen with its own identity and image represented tiger mighty, powerful, inspirational.

During the share of new products, Mr. Nguyen Dang Khoa – Vice President has fanned the flames of the team confidence. All teams are excited atmosphere, especially after the trial has been compounded by the belief, strongly energized to fight and win.

Next add the flame of enthusiasm, Mr. Tran Van Trung – National sales director shared with the sales team on the orientation cover and promote the product. With extensive experience, the insight team and clear strategy, Tran Van Trung helped the “frontline soldiers” will come to understand the direction, from which more boldly in their step .

Strong team and determination

Following the “NGAY HOI TUNG HANG – iMen mineral tonic”, on 07.11.2016, the entire team of the company together down to the road, grouped sales duty on routes allocated to product offering iMen to each point of sale. Emulation several groups see most sales groups and everyone is excited because the product is well-received market.

Closing the festival is the Festival has ended, but faith, hope surges in each new product to be maintained and kept the fire in the entire company staff. Everyone believes in the success, innovation and market domination of iMen well as upcoming FIT products. and open up new opportunities for the creation of FIT breakthrough, dominate to the market.


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