Watch the livestream: The effect of natural alkaline mineral water in food for daily use?

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In medicine, Dr.BS Arthur C.Guyton (USA) writes in Medical Physiology book: The first step in maintaining health is to alkalize the body. This is an effective solution to help strengthen resistance and prevent disease. What is the secret to helping the body achieve ideal alkalinity?

The pH in the human body is likened to a scale to assess the health status, since it has the ability to take effect on every cell. Once the pH of the blood is alkaline instead of acidic, it positively affects every function of the body. The brain, circulatory, nerve, muscular digestive and respiratory system to work well at the right pH level.

Upon which the pH is too acidic, leaning towards acidity, the body lacks energy, more susceptible to diseases such as weight gain, cardiovascular disease, premature aging, neurological problems, allergies… Therefore, for a healthy body, one of the important solutions is to limit strong acidic foods and increase alkaline nutrition.

Besides food, natural alkaline mineral water is created by the process of water permeating through geological strata, accumulating natural alkaline minerals (Bicarbonate, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, …) which also contributes to alkaline – acids balance in the body. Especially whilst the modern rhythm of life provoke an unscientific diet, a lot of alcohol, dirty food, environmental pollution… our bodies lose their inherent natural alkalinity and turn acidic.

Studies on alkaline water help inactivate the enzyme pepsin, the main cause of acid reflux, and encourage regulating blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes; reduce blood viscosity, better supply of cellular oxygen.

Nowadays, when the quality of life is more and more regardful , the choice of foods and natural products, including alkaline mineral water, is gradually becoming a popular trend. Many people ask the question:

Why does natural alkaline mineral water gradually dominate the healthy eating trend?
What makes alkaline mineral water different from normal water?
What kinds of roles does alkaline mineral water play in helping to balance the body’s pH at an ideal level?

All these questions will be answered by Assoc. Prof.Dr.Nguyen Thi Van Hong – Former Deputy Head of Gastroenterology Department – Bach Mai Hospital in an online TV program with the topic :“Effect of alkaline mineral water in daily food products”.“.

The program will be broadcast at 8 pm on Saturday, July 24th, 2021 n, Youtube AloBacsi, Fanpage AloBacsi – You ask, doctors answer

From now on, readers who have questions and concerns about this issue, please send questions to us via website, email, Inbox questions directly via Fanpage AloBacsi – Ask doctor for experts to answer directly in the program.

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