Get excited with the biggest summer promotion “OPEN CAP WIN BIG PRIZE” from FIT Consumer

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Desire to break the bottled water market this summer, from 15/5/2018 to 31/7/2018, FIT Consumer JSC has launched a promotion program for our bottled water lines including: Danh Thanh, Vikoda, iMen with hundreds of valuable rewards.

Summer is coming soon and the market of bottled water heats up due to the constantly increasing demand of Vietnamese for bottled water products. This is also the time of intense competition between brands target to access the customer demand and dominate the bottled water market. Understanding this, FIT Consumer JSC has launched a special promotion called “OPEN CAP, WIN BIG PRIZES”,whereby when purchasing any bottled water products under the brand name including Danh Thanh, Vikoda and iMen and find out winning message underneath the cap, you will have the opportunity to win instantly awesome prizes such as Smart TV Sony 49 “, Samsung J7 Prime, the phone cards with the total number of hundred prizes.

The program runs from May 15, 2015 to the end of July 31, 2018. Through this promotion, FIT Consumer wishes to seize the opportunity for beverage brands and products which are distributed by the company to penetrate deeper into the market, meet the needs of consumers and breakthroughs in sales volume.

Promotional products in the program “OPEN CAP WIN BIG PRIZE”

Among thousands of beverages on the market, FIT Consumer’s bottled water products for a long time have resonated and gained great sentiment from Vietnamese consumers with many prestigious awards such as Vietnam Quality Award, Vietnam Golden Star Award, Vietnamese Strong Brand Name, Brand famous for community protection and development. As a subsidiary of FIT Group, in the process of operation, FIT Consumer always makes effort to provides consumers with diverse and valuable products together with the desire to care and improve the health of Vietnamese people. This is also the orientation and strategic vision of FIT Consumer as well as the member companies in the FIT Group. The launch of the “OPEN CAP, WIN BIG PRIZES”, promotion this time is not only a chance for products distributed by FIT Consumer to become more familiar with consumers, but also to send profound gratitude to customers who have always trusted and supported FIT Consumer in the past.

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