Decode the benefits of pH in Vikoda natural mineral water

Owning an ideal pH level within 8.5 – 9, Vikoda natural mineral water provides many overwhelming benefits to human health.

The concentration of pH in mineral water is an important indicator, a measure of the level of basic acid / mineral water, helping us to estimate the virtue of that mineral water for human health. Scientists have recommended that drinking water with a pH <7 (acidic water) is very adverse to human health.

As stated in Otto Henrich’s studies of cancer that won the Nobel Prize in 1931, he pointed out: “Cancer cells are acidic, while healthy cells are alkaline.” In our daily life, we eat a lot of foods containing grease, fish, meat … but do not know that they are causing the body to accumulate more and more toxins, taking our bodies to the risk of excess or acidosis, which reduces resistance, which is an opportunity for disease sources to penetrate the body very rapidly.

Since tendency of using mineral water is getting more and more popular, many households choose to use Vikoda natural mineral water Vikoda has a pH from 8.5 to 9.0 with natural and unique alkaline in Vietnam from 100% natural mineral – one of mineral resources have been tested in Europe, considered as rare and precious natural resources of Southeast Asia for the whole family to use conveniently, not only ensuring clean water source but also good for health. This ideal pH is considered very useful to neutralize excess acids due to eating toxic foods high in acidity, speeding up the digestive process, good for the intestines, especially with alcohol alleviation, purifying the intestinal tract and cooling the skin.

The natural mineral water using mining technology at a depth of 220m in the ground, the tap temperature is up to 720 celsius degree and bottled directly at the source as prescribed by the Ministry of Health. Vikoda natural mineral water maintains many pure micro minerals and natural essential for the body such as: Potassium, Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium, ….which have been tested in Europe. It has special value for health, used to support health treatment and refreshments very well.

Especially, since becoming a member of FIT Group, receiving strong strategic planning and investment from the parent company, Vikoda has been researching to develop more healthy product lines. , designed in a modern, environmentally friendly direction, meeting the diverse needs of consumers, bringing the Vietnamese brand of natural alkaline mineral water to the world.

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