FIT Beverage – Seize the opportunity to grow the market share of summer drinks

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Summer is approaching, the drinking water market is also very vibrant. Not out of this trend, FIT Beverage, a subsidiary of FIT Group, also seizes the opportunity to grow its market share among the big players in the industry.

Consumers are wondering among a great variety of soft drinks for the summer

On hot summer days, the demand for drinks is increasing, so many manufacturers have launched countless kinds of drinks, not mentioning the foreign imports from South Korea, Japan, etc also bringing about a not so small competition. In a “matrix” of soft drinks, consumers become more dazzled and more difficult to choose for themselves a reliable product.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of soft drinks such as sugar cane, milk tea, black jelly, iced tea, sweet dessert, smoothies, etc with reasonable prices, however, quality is a concern, because it does not guarantee origin, food safety, so seriously affecting the health of consumers. Facing this situation, Vietnamese consumers increasingly prefer to use bottled beverage products good for health, made of ingredients that are favored, safe and convenient for the users.


FIT Beverage – Opportunity to grow the market share of consumers, “raising the Vietnamese brand”

Many market experts predict, this summer, the trend of buying drinks of domestic enterprises increases sharply. Because Vietnamese food and beverage enterprises are gaining strength thanks to the exploitation of natural materials, processing into Vietnamese flavors, suitable for consumers in the country. Each beverage satisfies the taste and suits the budget of different consumers, which is why the beverage market in the summer is more exciting.

Understanding the mind of the Vietnamese consumer, FIT Beverage, a subsidiary of FIT Group has launched a variety of drinks to meet the diverse needs of consumers this summer. Beverage products of FIT Beverage are not only guaranteed by quality but also beneficial for the health of the users as water is mined directly at mineral deposits, with minerals especially good for health.

One of FIT Beverage’s products received very good feedback from consumers and has great potential for boom this summer is Vitamin Lemon Tea – Iteen Pokemon having high levels of Vitamin C, which meets up to 50% of the body’s daily vitamin requirements. Vitamin Lemon Tea – Iteen Pokemon  có hàm lượng Vitamin C cao, đáp ứng được 50% nhu cầu vitamin cần thiết hàng ngày của cơ thể.

Vitamin Lemon Tea – Iteen Pokemon

Since becoming a member of FIT, FIT Beverage has made improvements in the development of product lines to meet the diverse needs of the market as well as change the design with a more modern, eye-catching design. Being oriented as one of the key investment sectors of the Group, therefore, BoD and all employees of FIT Beverage have been trying non-stop to make the company one of the leading drink companies in Vietnam, , contributing to raising the Vietnamese brand and for the health of the Vietnamese.

On behalf of FIT Group, during the 11-year development, the Board of Directors and employees of FIT Group always act in accordance with the strategy of sustainable development, for the development of the whole society. Therefore, the products of the member companies are always focused on improving the lives and health of users. Nowadays, the brands of FIT., from beverage products, personal and family care lines to pharmaceuticals always adhere to the principle of Vietnamese health, therefore, the products are gradually receiving love, prestige as well as imprinting on the user’s mind.

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