Danh Thanh carbonated drink with lemon flavor on top picks for years

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Vikoda’s soda drink with lemon flavor provides several minerals that are good for health, supports weight loss and congestion as well as supplies canxi for consumer. With outstanding benefits, this product has been among the best selling items of Vikoda for many years.

Like mineral water products of Vikoda, Danh Thanh soda drink with lemon flavor is made from water taken from underground mineral springs and filtered through several geological layers. It is rich in canxi, magie, potassium, sodium and bicarbonate.

With outstanding benefits, this soft drink has been among best-selling items of Vikoda.

The handy can of Danh Thanh drink has a modern and eye-catching design, making it suitable to be used and brought along in outdoors trips and vacations.

In recent years, the use of soda drink in health and skin care has become a trend of not only Vietnamese young people but also those from some other Asian countries.

With improved life quality, local people have put more attention to entertainment, sports and travel activities, making demand for healthy soft drink increase significantly.

Vikoda’s carbonated mineral water products with the fresh and enjoyable flavor of lemon or orange have been a must-have drink in family’s trips or sports and outdoors activities.

Besides the signature product of mineral water, Vikoda has offered a range of water products such as: carbonated mineral water, energy water and bird’s nest drink in order to meet the diverse demand of consumers.

With the history of more than 40 years in beverage market, Vikoda has long been a trusted brand for its high quality products manufactured with advanced technologies.

After becoming a member of FIT Group, Vikoda has made great transformation under the strategic direction from parent company. It has remarkably improved product designs and continuously innovated to develop trendy products. With these achievements, the Board of Directors and the staff of Vikoda are striving to bring Vikoda to a new level, making it one of the leading beverage companies in Vietnam.

With its sustainable development-centered strategy and aiming towards the goal of improve consumers’ health, Vikoda has expanded its market both domestically and internationally.

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