Danh Thanh Cola was officially launched

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Another new product of Danh Thanh brand has been launched in November by FIT Consumer with named Danh Thanh Cola.

With the launch of Danh Thanh Cola, FIT Consumer ambition shown attacking to Cola drinks market – a fertile ground for consumer demand is growing strongly with diverse customers. Danh Thanh Cola 100% derived from natural products with modern design, high-end is expected to conquer the customers whose have Cola favourite, bring fresh wind in the drinking water sector in Vietnam.

Danh Thanh Cola is produced from natural mineral with multiple micronutrient Danh Thanh ion buffet, combined with Cola flavor passionate gives users a refreshing feeling of vitality and tension filled each right. Criteria “Vietnamese high quality products, safe for public health,” continues to be the lodestar of FIT Consumer during the research and development of this new product.

Danh Thanh Cola with beautiful design for New Year shopping season

Being the next name joins in the list of Danh Thanh products, Danh Thanh Cola is not only bringing more new customers for FIT Consumer, but also contribute to strengthen and enhance the level of presence Danh Thanh brand – natural mineral water brand with over 26 years history. Launched at the end of the year when demand is rising, Danh Thanh Cola is evaluate to have a better opportunity to reach customers, gain market share, followed the success of the products that previous launches by FIT Consumer such as advocacy iSport mineral, mineral tonic iMen …

With a dedicated team and with a strong investment in both images, products quality and promotional activities, Danh Thanh Cola in general is standing in front of a lot of opportunities to make breakthroughs, dominate to the market, aims to “enhance Vietnamese brand “. This is also a long-term strategy that FIT Group set for FIT Consumer for development activities in the consumer goods industry the next year.

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