“People have their identity because of their origin while water is different from the source”

In the world of “delicate tongues”, water has not only taste but also personality.

Depending on a person’s taste sensitivity, a bit of the ‘taste’ of water can be felt. | Source: Vikoda

With dedicated taste and well-trained knowledge foundation, Expert of tasting, quality assessment and beverage consulting – Mr. To Viet, with many years of working at luxury hotels in France, England, Monaco, etc. His latest sharings about the experience of Vietnamese mineral water surprised the public because of his delicate and new and attractive point of view.

As a veteran Wine Consulting and Tasting Expert at home and abroad, what do you think about the taste of different types of water in the market?

“As children, we were taught in school that water is a colorless, odorless, tasteless liquid. In fact, depending on a person’s taste sensitivity, a bit of the ‘taste’ of water can be felt or this water’s taste is a bit different from other water.

For example, the cooled boiled water often has a pleasant, cool and sweet taste while well water and tap water is ‘inert’, less sweet but still fresh, sometimes a little sour in the aftertaste, not to the extent of discomfort.

At that time, there was only a few bottles of Kim Boi spring water in the market, but there was absolutely no bottled mineral water. Not until I went to France to study abroad and obtained a degree as a Wine Consulting and Tasting Expert did I understand and distinguish tap water, purified drinking water, spring water, mineral water and carbonated water.

Expert To Viet highly appreciates the distinctive taste in Vikoda natural alkaline mineral water | Source: Vikoda

We still tell jokes that in the world of “delicate tongues”, water has not only taste but also personality and identity and no water are like it. World-class restaurants attach great importance to the “personality” of the water to advise diners to accompany their dishes in order to bring the most subtlest and sublime taste experiences.

When you were in France, you were fortunate to become a student of Frank Thomas – Master of European wine in 2000, what is the secret for distinguishing the taste of mineral water?

In fact, the “personality” of water comes from the composition and content of minerals in the water. That is why carbonated water is the most distinguishing while it is difficult to realize the difference between spring water and mineral water. In nature, the micro-mineral composition of mineral water is much richer and more stable than spring water.

Natural mineral water is extracted from groundwater, flowing through geological layers which contains certain elements, natural gases or mineral compounds in higher concentrations than normal water.

Natural alkaline mineral water is created by the process of underground water osmosis through geological layers, accumulation of minerals to create natural alkalinity. The World Health Organization (WHO) established the limit in which mineral water has the highest alkalinity of 9.5 and a pH level of 9.0 to be perfectly suitable for drinking.

Not every high alkalinity makes the water more ‘brackish’ or makes it hard to be drank. The “unique characteristic” in the rate and composition of natural alkaline minerals creates a distinctive flavor that distinguishes natural alkaline mineral water from different mineral sources. Some famous mineral sources in the world can be named such as Vittel, Evian or Volvic of France, Kuldur of Russia, Pavel Bania of Bulgaria, Bath of England, etc.

It is the topography, climate, soil, etc of each land that will form the characteristics of the ecosystem and the organisms which live in such ecosystem. The natural alkaline mineral water is the same.

No two mountains are the same; no folds in the geological layers are the same and no mineral contents are the same, etc. Therefore, the unique terrain of each mineral source will “consolidate” the water by not only different pH but also distinctive and unmixable micro-mineral composition and flavor.

That a country has a natural alkaline mineral source is a great advantage, in your opinion, does Vietnam have such a special natural alkaline mineral source?

Vietnam has such a special mineral source namely Danh Thanh natural alkaline mineral mine deeply located in Khanh Hoa Province’s womb, creating a natural alkaline mineral source which is rich in precious micro-minerals.

The findings show that this mineral source has perfect natural alkalinity, light mineral content and ideal alkalinity pH = 9.0. There is a 30-hectare protection belt surrounding the mineral water mine, without any human interventions or impacts, therefore, the water stream is the cleanest and purest.

Vikoda natural alkaline mineral water is exploited from the mine, put directly into the extraction plant and only goes through the coarse filtration and sterilization by ultraviolet light (UV), therefore, it is literally “the quintessential gift from nature”.

The reason for affirming the natural factor is that there is artificial alkaline mineral water created by electrolysis technology, creating alkalinity for water by splitting water molecules into H+ and OH- ions.

The habit of using a lot of acidic foods such as red meat, processed foods, alcohol, etc is the reason for the body’s accumulation of an excess acid amount. If such excess acid amount is kept for a long time, it will lead to many health risks.

Vikoda possesses a sweet and fresh taste and a perfect alkalinity of natural pH 9.0, contains many minerals to neutralize excess stomach acid, thereby bringing the body back to a healthy balance. Daily use of the product can positively support digestive system and health.

Inheriting the unique features of the stratigraphic structure of Danh Thanh mineral source, Vikoda natural alkaline mineral water is easily drinkable, sweet, juicy and light in comparison with other water.

The water has a gentle and mild taste like Khanh Hoa land, but in the “nature” of the ingredients, it is rich in natural minerals, which have been distilled through many faults to form the global crust over thousands of years underground. This is really an extremely valuable and nutritious gift for daily health bestowed on Vietnam by nature.

Thank you for your sharing!

Source Vietcetera

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