Society & Family News: “Isolated – not separated”, thousands of essential medical items to “the center of the epidemic”

With the motto “isolated but not seperated”, recently, FIT Group (FIT group) has stood by and supported the epidemic centers thousands of essential medical products, such as antiseptic water, hand sanitizer, hand gel, medicine, mineral water, energy drink…

In the urgent context of the COVID-19 epidemic, recently, FIT Group Joint Stock Company accompanies with the Center for Disease Control of Hanoi (Hanoi CDC), to support the doctors thousands of essential products.

FIT Group donated VND 366 million in cash and tens of thousands of essential products to doctors and nurses at the Center for Disease Control in Hanoi.

Specifically, 366 million VND in cash and 1,440 products of 100ml Dr.Clean Lavender hand sanitizer gel; 1,440 Dr.Clean Grean hand sanitizer gel 100ml; 240 products of 500ml Dr.Cleanx.Pro hand sanitizer; 100 boxes of Panalgan 500 pain reliever, Panalgan effer 500 and more than 800 boxes of energy mineral water, non-gas drinking water, N95 masks…

The representative of the Hanoi Center for Disease Control expressed his gratitude and appreciation to FIT Group

Trao đổi với PV, đại diện lãnh đạo CDC Hà Nội đã rất cảm kích trước tấm lòng của FIT Group đã quan tâm đến tinh thần của các anh, chị em ngày đêm chiến đấu với dịch trong bối cảnh dịch ngày càng phức tạp, diễn biến khó lường. Đồng thời, gửi lời cảm ơn sâu sắc tới toàn thể lãnh đạo Tập đoàn FIT.

A representative of the Hanoi CDC leadership said that “isolated but not separated” is a meaningful message that spreads not only to frontline doctors who are working day and night to test epidemiological samples, tracing and zoning, “cutting off” the source of the spread of epidemiological complications, but also spreading love to the community. Therefore, these are really meaningful gifts, motivate medical staff of the Center to keep on fighting, to soon repel the COVID-19 epidemic.

Nguyen Thi Minh Nguyet, General Director of FIT Group, hopes that the company’s small contributions will be a part of the motivation for Hanoi CDC’s doctors and nurses to continue fighting to repel the COVID-19 epidemic.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Minh Nguyet – General Director of FIT Group said that in the conditions of the 4th COVID-19 pandemic, which has progressed very quickly and extremely complicated with more than 3,400 cases, across 26 provinces and cities, FIT Group and member units which are Cuu Long Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (DCL), Khanh Hoa Mineral Water Company (Vikoda); FIT Cosmetic Company (FCO) and Western Food Processing and Export Joint Stock Company (Westfood) have launched a campaign to join hands to repel COVID-19 in the community, with the message “isolated but not seperated” , “for a healthy Vietnam”.

According to Mrs. Nguyet, the overall program is implemented nationwide, over 10 provinces and cities with a total value of about 10 billion VND. The support package of 10 billion VND goes to medical units, the focus of the epidemic is mainly on cash and the appropriate materials and products support packages are produced by the member companies themselves. Typical essential items such as alkaline mineral water, energy mineral water; Hand sanitizer gel and solution; Medicines of all kinds, mainly Panalgal pain relievers and fever reducers… were given to medical workers and hospitals.

Mrs. Nguyet said: “The biggest product we have given to Vinh Long is a very modern COVID-19 test machine, valued at over 3 billion. This machine can test more than 30 samples/time, equivalent to 300-400 samples/day. We hope to make a great contribution to Vinh Long province to promptly test COVID-19.”

Bà Nguyệt cho biết: “Sản phẩm lớn nhất chúng tôi đã trao đến Vĩnh Long là máy test COVID-19 rất hiện đại, có giá trị trên 3 tỷ. Máy này có thể xét nghiệm được hơn 30 mẫu/lần, tương đương 300 – 400 mẫu/ngày. Chúng tôi hy vọng, sẽ góp phần lớn cho tỉnh Vĩnh Long kịp thời test COVID-19”.

According to Mrs. Nguyet, the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020 has affected the production and business activities of the whole society in general as also FIT and its member units in particular, however, the good news is that in 2020, revenue of the Group still reached the milestone of 1,200 billion with a profit after tax of about 80 billion. This number is much higher than 2019. In 2021, FIT Group sets a target of about 1,350 billion in pre-tax revenue and double the profit after tax in 2020, with about 176 billion.

Close-up of FIT Group's hand sanitizer gel products sent to medical staff at CDC Hanoi

The products supporting the Hanoi CDC are mainly hand sanitizer gels, pain relievers, energy drinks, medical masks…

This is a great effort in the restructuring process that has taken place during the past 3 years at the Group. The pharmaceutical and medical equipment segment is the key and forefront business of FIT. In this 2021, we also focus on investing in factories to expand pharmaceuticals, with a capacity of 35 million products in phase 1 and 20 million products in phase 2.

Mrs. Nguyet shared: “The biggest concern of the leaders of FIT Group is when they see the scene of medical workers struggling to fight the epidemic. They had to stay at the hospital, in the center of the epidemic for a long time, with difficulties and deprivation both physically and mentally. Therefore, we await our small contributions will best meet the needs of patients as well as make a large contribution to the health system to support the fight against the pandemic.”

Moreover, from a business perspective, we expect people to strictly follow the Government’s regulations and the message of the Ministry of Health in epidemic prevention and control so that we can quickly defeat the epidemic as in the previous period,” said Mrs. Nguyet.

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