Doctor Ton That Toan: Vikoda owns great health effects

Visiting Khanh Hoa – a land with many valuable products such as bird’s nest, incense or marine specialties. Besides, it is impossible not to mention the miraculous natural mineral water that has been trusted and used by local people for the past 30 years, associated with the brand Danh Thanh – Vikoda.

Reporter: Doctor, can you tell us what main ingredients are in Vikoda natural mineral water?

Doctor Ton That Toan: Vikoda is a natural alkaline mineral water produced from the natural mineral water source Danh Thanh, this is a natural gift given to us. Mineral water contains negative and positive micro-minerals, ie negative ions and positive ions. Positive ions that have Na +, K +, Ca +, Mg +, … And negative ions have HCO3-. These ions in Vikoda natural alkaline mineral water have the advantage of being very harmonious. One advantage of Vikoda mineral water is that it has an ideal alkaline, pH 8.5. This is a huge advantage of natural mineral water in previous medical studies and the former Soviet Union Institute of Nursing has evaluated that Dinh Thanh natural mineral water has advantages equivalent to those of worldwide famous natural mineral water.

Doctor Ton That Toan – Director of Khanh Hoa Health Education Communication Center

ReporterSo What effects can the daily use of Vikoda natural alkaline mineral water bring about for human health?

Doctor Ton That Toan: Thanks to the balance between negative ions and positive ions in Vikoda natural alkaline mineral water when used, it affects our health very well. Especially nowadays in many people’s daily meals contain a lot of grease, red meat causes imbalance.Vikoda natural alkaline mineral water with nice ionic ingredients helps us balance, prevent and support the treatment of diseases related to metabolic disorders, for example diabetes, cardiovascular diseases … I have met patients diagnosed with gout, who have combined with Vikoda natural alkaline mineral water in their treatment.They took combined it with the doctor’s medication then completely recovered after a year. People with a predisposition to kidney stones will also prevent kidney stones. In addition, this alkaline pH helps neutralize people with excess stomach acid. When excess stomach acid is acid reflux into the esophagus called gastroesophageal reflux syndrome, it can cause stomach ulcers, cancer.

Reporter: At present, consumers cannot distinguish between natural mineral water, purified water and mineral water. Could you clarify how to distinguish these types of water?

Doctor Ton That Toan: Currently we see there are natural mineral water, purified water, bottled mineral water in the market. The similarities of these drinks are treated water and meet food hygiene and safety standards, we can use every day. There are 3 differences in terms of 1 / production origin, 2 / properties in mineral water, 3 / usage. First, we talk about the origin of pure water production, where does bottled water come from? Can be obtained from tap water, river water, through the treatment to bottled. For natural mineral water like Vikoda, licensed by the Ministry of Health, it is exploited from underground water, more than 220 meters deep, erupting at a temperature of 72 degrees Celsius. This is a very precious natural product. The second is about composition, as we have just analyzed above, natural mineral water has harmonious positive and negative ions, while pure water, bottled water has absolutely no these mineral components. We also note about the last feature, the difference in supporting, the therapeutic effect of natural mineral water is very well. Natural mineral water with superior ingredient properties, such superior products will assist us in the treatment and prevention of diseases. There are many types of water in the market to choose from. Therefore, we should take healthy priority over preventing disease, improving health, which is using natural mineral water.

Reporter: Thank you doctor



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