Impressive images of convoys carrying “community responsibility”, spreading all over Vietnam

After 3 weeks of rapid implementation, the journey “Joining hands with the community to repel COVID-19” launched by F.I.T Group has spread to more than 10 provinces and 8 hospitals placed in a state of medical isolation.

In the context of a serious re-emergence of the COVID-19 epidemic in many provinces and cities, people across the country are turning to the frontline medical team with gifts of love and affection. Witnessing the hardships and deprivations as also admiring the determination of “white shirt heroes” to fight the epidemic, FIT Group Joint Stock Company (FIT Group) and many affiliated businesses have recently implemented a large-scale volunteering program – “Joining hands with the community to repel COVID-19” with a total donation value of up to 10 billion VND.

The representative of F.I.T Group presented VND 366 million in cash and tens of thousands of essential products to doctors and nurses at the Center for Disease Control in Hanoi.

Specifically, from May 15, 2021, FIT Group and 4 prominent enterprises in the ecosystem include Cuu Long Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, Western Food Processing and Export Joint Stock Company (Westfood), Khanh Hoa Mineral Water Joint Stock Company (Vikoda). and FIT Cosmetics Joint Stock Company have deployed many rounds of supporting daily-life necessities to more than 10 government facilities and isolated hospitals, distributed in COVID “hot spots” across the country.

The volunteer group is worked up and hopeful as bringing donated items into the “epidemic center” – Bac Giang.

Spreading out the message “Isolation but not separation – For a healthy Vietnam”, tens of thousands of barrels of Vikoda natural mineral water, Sumo non-carbonated energy drink, aloe vera and Westfood canned fruit and other brands of epidemiological products such as Dr.Clean gel – hand sanitizer, N95 medical mask, Panalgan pain reliever and fever reducer… from FIT Group have been sent to each facility on the volunteer trips along all over the road, on every lane.”

Confronting difficult weather conditions of over 40 degrees Celsius, yet the F.I.T Group team alongside with doctors and medical staff enthusiastically transported donated items.

F.I.T Group presents items to the representative of Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee.

F.I.T Group also donated many products of Panalgan pain reliever and fever reducer, vitamin C, Topralsin, Ceplor PVC 500… with a total value of more than 1 billion VND to 8 hospitals and Isolation areas across the country.

The volunteer group as well as doctors and medical staff were praised by local people, for the spirit of solidarity, as also their energy and enthusiasm in supporting work.

F.I.T Group presents gifts to representatives of Da Nang Department of Health and Hoan My General Hospital.

On the sidelines of the program, F.I.T Group also has many meaningful community activities aimed at supporting the health system, deminishing hardships and increasing initiative in disease control. Typically, giving Vinh Long Health Center – Vinh Long province the Covid-19 Real-Time PCR testing machine, which worths more than 3 billion VND, capable of analyzing 32 samples at the same time within 20-45 minutes, meeting the volume of 300-400 samples/day.

Frontline support items from F.I.T Group are considered extremely essential for the prevention and COVID-19 patients treatment.

Sharing about the worthwhile volunteer program, Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Nguyet – General Director of FIT Group said: “N95 medical masks, bottled natural mineral water, energy mineral water, gel and hand sanitizer … are such essential items for frontline medical staff to serve their work.”

Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Nguyet – General Director of F.I.T Group discussed with the medical team at the Center for Disease Control in Hanoi.

“In particular, Vikoda branded drinking water has ingredients rich in minerals, effective in maintaining health for medical staff and patients. Gel products and hand sanitizer Dr. Clean has high antiseptic properties, which is a protective ‘shield’ to help limit the spread of Covid. Besides, Panalgan pain reliever and fever reducer will also partially remove the scarcity in epidemic-hit localities” – Representing more than 3,000 employees at the company, Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Nguyet expressed her sense of responsibility for the community from FIT Group.

Currently, units under FIT Group such as: Vikoda; FCO and DCL both have discount policies for organizations and individuals purchasing goods to support the prevention of Covid-19

Hotline for products of alkaline mineral water, Vikoda energy mineral: 1900 986886

Hotline for products Gel and hand sanitizer Dr Clean: 0909.46.64.82

Hotline for pain relievers and fever reducers Panalgan of all kinds: 19000079

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