29 years of building and strengthening the reputation of Khanh Hoa mineral water JSC (Vikoda) – FIT Beverage

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By 2019, Khanh Hoa Mineral Water Joint Stock Company (Vikoda) – FIT Beverage has entered a milestone of 29 years of establishment and development. The company is gradually bolstering its Natural Mineral Water brand in Vietnam beverage market.

On January 19, 2019, Khanh Hoa Mineral Water Joint Stock Company (Vikoda) – FIT Beverage celebrated the 29th anniversary of founding with the participation of the Board of Directors, partner’s representatives, valued customers and all company’s employees. Giving speech at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Nhat Hoang – General Director said thank you to each department and division for their efforts to complete the tasks in the past and encouraged each officer and employee to continue to overcome all difficulties and challenges to fulfill the goals in 2019.

The theme is “Transformation”, the Board of Directors and all employees of FIT Beverage have shown their commitment and determination to bring brands that are familiar and loved in the minds of consumers nationwide such as Vikoda, Danh Thanh... to new heights, becoming an international brand, bringing Vietnam's natural mineral water to the world. It can be said that since 2018, FIT Beverage has made great changes in changing the design of a series of products, with a more modern and attractive design, along with a variety of chains. products, with the introduction of new types of drink products such as bird's nest, sa sa... to meet the diverse needs of the market. With the current strong strategy and investment, FIT Beverage promises to have breakthroughs in its business activities in 2019, gradually becoming one of the leading names in the Vietnamese drinking water market. Male.

Since its establishment until now, FIT Beverage's products have always been highly appreciated for their natural mineral water, which is directly exploited at mineral water mines, bringing good health to users, especially in recent years. In 2017, Vikoda mineral water of FIT Beverage was proud to become one of the drinks used in the APEC Summit held in Da Nang, contributing to bringing Vietnamese brands to international consumers. .

With a long history and a confirmed brand, and with great investment from the parent company FIT, in the coming years, FIT Beverage will continue to have great "makeovers" to become a prestigious name, leading in Vietnam to carry out the mission of bringing Vietnam's wonderful natural mineral water to the world. And with what FIT Beverage's Board of Directors and collective are trying to do, 2019 with the milestone of 29 years of development, will be the beginning year for great breakthroughs to help the company achieve the desired success. Wait and continue to build the company to grow stronger and stronger.

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F.I.T Group tự tin đột phá thị trường nước uống với mỏ “kim cương” Đảnh Thạnh – Vikoda

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(ĐTCK) Công ty cổ phần Nước khoáng Khánh Hòa (Vikoda) - công ty con của Công ty cổ phần Tập đoàn F.I.T (F.I.T Group) hiện đang sở hữu mỏ nước khoáng “kim cương” độc quyền tại Việt Nam, đây là thương hiệu khác biệt giúp Tập đoàn và Vikoda đột phá thị trường mảng nước uống.

Vì sao nước khoáng kiềm thiên nhiên Vikoda được đánh giá cao trong ngành nước đóng chai tại Việt Nam?

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Giữa thị trường nước uống đóng chai trong nước vô cùng sôi động và cạnh tranh, thương hiệu nước khoáng kiềm thiên nhiên Vikoda vẫn nổi bật nhờ cam kết đóng chai trực tiếp tại nguồn khoáng kiềm quý hiếm tại Việt Nam.

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Nước khoáng kiềm thiên nhiên Vikoda từ nguồn khoáng kiềm Đảnh Thạnh được đưa thẳng vào nhà máy chiết và chỉ qua quá trình lọc thô, lọc bằng tia cực tím, cam kết mang đến cho người tiêu dùng món quà tinh tuý từ thiên nhiên.