Products Vikoda natural alkaline mineral water Nước Khoáng Kiềm Thiên Nhiên Vikoda - Alkaline 330 ml

Vikoda Alkaline Natural Mineral Water

24 cans/ box

Possessing a cool sweet taste and perfect natural alkalinity pH = 9.0, Vikoda Natural Alkaline Mineral Water - Alkaline from rare Danh Thanh mineral source is the secret to health care for the whole family. Drink Vikoda every day to bring your body back to its natural balance! Canned right at the mineral source ensures uniform quality & full essence from nature, without artificial intervention. Aluminum cans are 100% recycled and completely environmentally friendly.



Trademark originKhanh Hoa
Expiration24 months since manufacturing date
User manualDirect use, keep chill for better taste
Storage manualStore in a cool, dry place
Specification330 ml x 24 cans/ box

Sở hữu vị ngọt thanh mát cùng độ kiềm tự nhiên hoàn hảo pH = 9,0, Nước Khoáng Kiềm Thiên Nhiên Vikoda – Alkaline từ nguồn khoáng Đảnh Thạnh quý hiếm là bí quyết chăm sóc sức khoẻ cho cả gia đình. Hãy uống Vikoda mỗi ngày để đưa cơ thể về trạng thái cân bằng tự nhiên!

Bottled right at its source, Vikoda Alkaline Natural Mineral Water is consistent and pure in its quality, without the intervention of artificial means. Our aluminium packaging is made from 100% recycled materials and is highly environmentally friendly.

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