Vikoda: enhance to promote image in key areas

With nearly thirty years of establishment, the products of Khanh Hoa Mineral Water Joint Stock Company (Vikoda) have always been one of the most chosen drinks in the Central region.

Do consumers understand all about natural mineral water and purified water?

Most consumers are confused between the concepts of natural mineral water and pure water. Without understanding, it is difficult for the consumer to distinguish between mineral water and pure water.

Decode the benefits of pH in Vikoda natural mineral water

Owning an ideal pH level within 8.5 – 9, Vikoda natural mineral water provides many overwhelming benefits to human health.

Vikoda natural mineral water enhances resistance, disease prevention

Daily hydration with Vikoda natural mineral water will be one of the effective ways to increase the body’s resistance in the epidemic season.

Vikoda: Thương hiệu của người Việt, vì người Việt

Nước sạch đóng vai trò vô cùng quan trọng trong cơ thể người, vì nước chiếm đến 70% trọng lượng cơ thể. Do vậy, sử dụng nguồn nước sạch trong sinh hoạt là yếu tố quyết định đến sức khỏe của mỗi người và cả cộng đồng.

Alkalizing the body and method to improve health

Doctor Karen S. Arthur once said that alkalizing the body is an effective solution to enhance resistance and prevent disease.

The journey to find the pearls in the womb of mother nature

Alkaline water is a priceless gift from mother nature to humans, as the result of that miraculous program – Vikoda.

Natural alkaline mineral water helps to restrain the harmful effects of alcohol, tobacco, hot spicy food?

In the article below, Specialist Dr.2 Do Thi Ngoc Diep – Vice President of Vietnam Nutrition Association, Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Food Nutrition Association answered many questions from readers around the issue: What are the health benefits of natural alkaline mineral water? How to drink water properly and the principle of choosing quality natural alkaline mineral water. Let it all uncovered by the content below.

Natural alkaline mineral water and its benefits for stomach and digestive wellness

Natural alkaline mineral water is becoming a preference that many people select to balance stomach acid, protect digestive against negative effects. What should be noted when using natural alkaline mineral water for optimal health benefits? Specialist dr.2 Do Thi Ngoc Diep – Vice President of Vietnam Nutrition Association, President of Ho Chi Minh City Food Nutrition Association gives you the answer in the article below.

Doctor Ton That Toan: Vikoda owns great health effects

Visiting Khanh Hoa – a land with many valuable products such as bird’s nest, incense or marine specialties. Besides, it is impossible not to mention the miraculous natural mineral water that has been trusted and used by local people for the past 30 years, associated with the brand Danh Thanh – Vikoda.