Refreshing showers of tropical rain pouring down on top
of the Hon Chuong Limestone Mountain has created millions of living water stream,

creating rich vegetation, contributing to preserve the pristine values of the exceptional natural mineral water resources here.

Over hundreds of years protected under the Danh Thanh mineral water mine,
groundwater sources are carefully refined through many geological layers
in the heart of Khanh Hoa Motherland.

Hence, it creates the most precious and distinctive natural mineral water of Vietnam's nature.

The delicious taste Danh Thanh natural mineral source with its harmonious medley
of essential minerals composition and ideal pH 9.0

which contributes to improve the quality of user's life and support a comprehensive health care.

Bottled directly at the precious natural mineral water source,
helping to intactly preserve the gift of nature of which Hon Chuong Limestone Mountain
fondles and bestows.

Vikoda proudly bring a world-class level of Vietnamese brand products,
heading towards to a healthy community with good habits and a balanced lifestyle.